Eduard Chmeistry upset Shinnik

Eduard Chmeistry upset ShinnikOn the first day of spring Metalurh Donetsk played the last match at the training camp in Holland. Opponent was Yaroslavl "Shinnik", which in this offseason, the Donetsk team played two squads (4:1 and 2:2), according to the Slagheap. The match ended with the victory of Ukrainians with the score - 2:1. "Shinnik" upset the same players - Chmeistry and Ponomarenko. Thus, in friendly games against Russian clubs "metallurg" won three, drawing three, losing only to the champion of the country - "the locomotive" (1:2).. . Читать полностью -->

Lazio ready to fly to Turkey

Lazio ready to fly to TurkeyRepresentatives of the Italian Lazio stated that the team will arrive in Istanbul on the second leg of the 1/4 finals of the UEFA Cup against Besiktas, despite the possibility of starting the war in Iraq. Earlier this week, UEFA announced that it would monitor the situation in the region, but so far no guidance about the cancellation of the game was not.The head coach of Lazio, Roberto Mancini said his team is ready to accept any decision of UEFA, and does not intend to cancel the trip to Turkey. "We do our job and we are going to Turkey," he said. - This is an exceptional situation, it is difficult to decide what action to take"."Everything that happens is part of football. "A few years ago we played though the war was fought 150 kilometers from us (in the territory of the former Yugoslavia), and then we played that day, when they were blown up "Twins" (the building of the world trade center in new York). The players concerned, but when they take the field, it will pass. Читать полностью -->

Spartak started training in Sochi

Spartak started training in SochiThe players of the Moscow "Spartak" began preparations for the 2003 season training camp in Sochi.The team stopped at the famous Stalin-era dacha "Green grove". Players are every day Jogging along the Park alleys, doing in the gym, swim in the pool. Soon they will have to spend a few training matches on the football field."For the training camp in Sochi arrived all the major players. Not only the captain Yegor Titov. He is undergoing treatment after the injury and will join his comrades in January," - said the head coach "Spartaka" Oleg Romantsev.It remains to add that the Sochi collection Spartak will run until December 28.. . Читать полностью -->

Inter will try to entice Ryan Giggs

Inter will try to entice Ryan GiggsPresident Italians Massimo Moratti has confirmed the interest of the club in the 29 - year-old midfielder in an interview with British newspaper the Sunday Mirror: "Every year we say that we want to get Giggs, but Manchester is very interested in it. The offer will be made this summer, and I think we will reach agreement."Now the Welshman is estimated at 30 million euros, and given that the loss of the Milan team last season amounted to 94.6 million euros, the acquisition of English stars looks very rash step.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Jiri Jarosik: dispute About snipers don't think

Jiri Jarosik: dispute About snipers don't thinkEven if you do not know about star status armeec of Jiri Jarosik, it was possible to guess, going after the match CSKA - "the ruby" in the space under stands of the stadium "Dynamo". There the author of the double tormented five Czech journalists! That number of foreign correspondents on the member match our superiority to not ever see.- Jiri, so productive with the start of three goals in two games, probably, and the title of top scorer to dream?- About it I too early to think. The goal for the season is more modest ten goals. Still yourself to snipers don't belong - in the Czech Republic have scored seven or eight goals. And today did not expect such a measure, had hoped to vary it at least once.- However, given your dangerous blow to the head that could have ended a hat - trick. Right?- We cannot let the ball flew into the goal after each blow! Three goals in one game I score had ever.- From the side it seemed that victory was CSKA without much effort. Читать полностью -->

Today in the Russian Premier League last day of filing of nominations for the 2003 season

Today in the Russian Premier League last day of filing of nominations for the 2003 seasonAcceptance of applications will be terminated at midnight. While the results of the bidding campaign the youngest teams in the current championship will be CSKA and "wings of the Soviets" - with an average age of 21.5 years.Given the situation with the complexity of registration of the bid sheets next year clubs will be able to submit it in electronic form. Yesterday at the meeting of members RFPL were presented "rules of conduct football fan" signed by the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs A. A. Chekalin. "Rules" governing not only the behavior of spectators came to the match, but also the actions of police officers. Читать полностью -->

Venables face dismissal

Venables face dismissalCoach "Leeds" Terry Venables may be dismissed from his post, if in the next match of the English Premier League his team give way to the "Liverpool". The game will be held next weekend.According to the Mirror newspaper, the President of "Leeds" Peter Ridsdale believes that fans of unfair to blame him for the failures of the team. According to him, despite the fact that during the year were sold six leading players, Venables could achieve the best results. The Board of Directors, apparently, is ready to put all the blame for the recent failures on the coach, and, if he does not leave himself, he was shown the door.. . . Читать полностью -->

Mini football. The Championship Of Russia

Mini football. The Championship Of Russia9 tour. Kazan"Privolzhye" (Kazan) - "Polytech" (St. Petersburg) - 5:Maci scored: Prasky, Larionov, Tukhvatullin, Nahratov, Balakin.. . . Читать полностью -->

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